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CNN Throw Down: Gagliano Torches Stelter’s Lionization of ‘Feckless Leader’ Comey


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With less than two hours until the highly anticipated ABC interview between George Stephanopoulos and former FBI Director James Comey, the liberal media was abuzz with speculation and admiration. One of Comey’s loudest supporters was CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter. And amid his lionization of Comey during CNN Newsroom Sunday night, CNN law enforcement analyst and former FBI Special Agent James Gagliano embarrassed Stelter by calling out Comey for being a “feckless leader.”

At the start of the segment, CNN host Ana Cabrera teed up Stelter to hype the juicy tidbits of the Russia investigation and dirt Comey was going to dish on the President. “One of the topics to be detailed tonight in the special it involves Russia and the Russia probe,” he said while being excited about seeing all the other interviews in the coming week. “Look for what Comey has to say about Russia and Trump. We’ve already heard some of it, we’re going to hear a lot more.

When it was Gagliano’s turn, he slammed Comey and the praise people were heaping onto him.


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