CNN Stooge Gets Pulverized by FNC’s Bret Baier After He Tweets Out Misleading Video

Curtis Houck | December 2, 2020
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Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

When it comes to CNN, there is no disagreement. Instead, it’s conform or face a full-court press to send every last employee to the unemployment rolls. On Wednesday night, CNN senior media reporter and conservative media Benedict Arnold Oliver Darcy falsely claimed Fox News Channel’s Special Report anchor Bret Baier engaged in “[d]erliction of duty” and insufficiently fact-checked President Trump’s 45-minute voter fraud video.

Like the poisonous snake that he is, Darcy tweeted a deceptively-edited video to make it seem as though Baier had zero fact-checking or objective reporting on Trump’s speech. Instead, Darcy purposefully ignored a seven-minute-and-seven-second lead-off report from Baier and White House correspondent Kristin Fisher.

Oh, and not only did Darcy refuse to cop to his lies, but he did so a day before Baier’s son Paul had his latest open-heart surgery.

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