CNN Stokes Rage at SCOTUS for Student Loan Scheme Holdup

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 1, 2022
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Instead of admitting that President Biden's student loan election bribe has no constitutional or legal merit to begin with, CNN stoked rage at the U.S. Supreme Court for refusing to lift federal court injunctions that are preventing the “forgiveness” of certain student loans. The liberal outlet also lamented that the Biden administration had to send out letters disappointing those who already applied and were approved. All during a year when an attempt was already made on a justice’s life.

“A big new legal setback for the Biden administration tops our money lead. The Supreme Court is keeping a block on the student loan forgiveness plan,” anchor Jake Tapper said as he introduced justice correspondent Jessica Schneider. “Jessica, tell us more about this because it now seems it's going to be many more months before we know the fate of the President's debt relief plan.”

Schneider said that “the good news … is that the Supreme Court is actually fast-tracking these arguments,” but “The bad news is that this loan forgiveness program, it remains on hold” and borrowers “won't be getting that anytime soon.”