CNN Split; Political Analysts Praise Obama Speech as Foreign Panelists Pan His ‘Self-Congratulation’


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<p>Following President Obama&rsquo;s Sunday night address, the always large post-event panel on CNN had plenty to say, but it was quite the disconnect as many of their political commentators hailed the <strong>&ldquo;straightforward&rdquo; </strong>speech by the President while two of their foreign policy analysts panned the President&rsquo;s<strong> &ldquo;self-congratulation&rdquo; </strong>and having &ldquo;<strong>his the clouds if he thinks this current strategy is going to succeed.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>In the moments after the speech, Jake Tapper, Gloria Borger, and John King offered up largely complimentary thoughts on the speech with Borger observing that she&rsquo;s <strong>&ldquo;never heard this language from the President before&rdquo; </strong>as <strong>&ldquo;he challenged Congress, not only on assault weapons, but vote for the use of force against ISIS&rdquo;</strong> and<strong> &ldquo;pledged we will destroy&rdquo; </strong>the Islamic terror group.</p>

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