CNN: South Votes Republican Because of Opposition to Civil Rights

Alex Christy | February 18, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] During Friday’s CNN Newsroom host Victor Blackwell welcomed political analyst and historian Julian Zelizer on to hype CNN’s upcoming four-part documentary on President Lyndon Johnson. As part of the preview, both Blackwell and Zelizer postulated that LBJ was correct is asserting that passing the civil rights legislation in the ‘60s paved the way for Republican dominance in the South.

In reference to the Voting Rights Act, Blackwell wondered, “We've certainly talked a lot about that over the last couple of years not only because of action in the Supreme Court, but also inaction in Congress as well. I mean, I wonder, this is always an odd question to ask, but you know Johnson very well, what would he make of—of-- voting rights in—in-- 2022?”