CNN Says Republicans Prefer Hunter Plea Deal 'Narrative' To 'Facts'

Cassandra DeVries | July 27, 2023
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On Thursday, CNN This Morning covered Judge Maryellen Noreika’s dismissal of the Hunter Biden plea deal. The defense and prosecution teams appeared before the judge claiming a deal, but the parties disagreed on what Hunter could be charged with in the future. CNN assumed prosecutors lacked adequate evidence to win a trial and warned viewers not to “expect Republicans to have fidelity to the facts of the case over the narrative they're trying to pursue.”

Political correspondent Sara Murray asserted that prosecutors likely wished to avoid a trial due to weaknesses in their case:

I think the way we saw yesterday play out, the way this deal fell apart, came back together, the Judge’s concerns about it, there is always the chance that this kind of thing that ends up going to trial, which I don't necessarily think is what prosecutors want in this case. My colleagues have previously reported prosecutors had some concerns about some parts of the strength of this case as they’ve been investigating Hunter Biden.