CNN’s Zeleny Gushes Hillary ‘Dominated’ Bernie; FNC’s Henry Rules He Had the ‘Best Performance’


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<p>Batting lead-off on the post-Democratic debate coverage of their respective networks late Sunday, CNN&rsquo;s Jeff Zeleny and FNC&rsquo;s Ed Henry couldn&rsquo;t have offered a larger contrast as Zeleny gushed that Hillary Clinton<strong> &ldquo;pretty much dominated&rdquo; </strong>Bernie Sanders on <strong>&ldquo;the issues&rdquo; </strong>while FNC&rsquo;s Ed Henry observed that it was Sanders who <strong>&ldquo;dominat[ed] the agenda&rdquo;</strong> with <strong>&ldquo;his best performance so far.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Asked by CNN host Wolf Blitzer for this initial thoughts, Zeleny explained that exchanges between the candidates on gun control, health care, and Wall Street were most crucial but he<strong> &ldquo;was struck&rdquo; </strong>most in the debate by Sanders being <strong>&ldquo;for the first time was on the defense.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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