CNN’s Brinkley, Burnett Swoon Over ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Concert’ Atmosphere for Obama Address


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<p>CNN was off the wall prior to President Obama&rsquo;s farewell address as <em>OutFront </em>host Erin Burnett lauded <strong>&ldquo;an emotional night&rdquo;</strong> for the President&rsquo;s most ardent supporters while an former Obama administration official compared him to Obi-Wan Kenobi in <em>Star Wars: A New Hope </em>when he was struck down by Darth Vader.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Directing her comments to CNN presidential historian Douglas Brinkley, Burnett gushed over<strong> &ldquo;the significance of where we are&rdquo; </strong>upon seeing<strong> &ldquo;passionate supporters...who love him&rdquo; </strong>on hand in Chicago.</p>

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