CNN Rushes to Pile on ‘Completely False’ Fox News FBI Story Spreading ‘Lies’ in ‘Echo Chamber’


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<p>On Friday morning, the rush to gang up on Fox News and <em>Special Report</em> host Bret Baier over his FBI story was full speed ahead with CNN repeatedly harping on Baier&rsquo;s<strong> &ldquo;completely false&rdquo; </strong>bombshell being <strong>&ldquo;a prime example of the echo chamber at work&rdquo; </strong>spreading <strong>&ldquo;lies&rdquo;</strong> to hurt Hillary Clinton.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Morning <strong>CNN Newsroom</strong> host Carol Costello spent the first of two segments knocking Baier in reference to North Carolina GOP official Brad Woodhouse&rsquo;s Thursday appearance on MSNBC that alluded to the bombshell FBI report about the Clinton Foundation while Woodhouse predicted that Clinton could one day end up in handcuffs.&nbsp;</p>

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