CNN RAVES Over Obama’s ‘Confident,’ ‘Hopeful,’ ‘Strong’ Remarks


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

The pro-Antifa and pro-riot CNN continued to its embarrassing display of affection for liberals and viewing opponents as enemies of the people. Reacting on Wednesday’s Situation Room to Barack Obama’s remarks voicing support for protesters, host Wolf Blitzer tag-teamed with CNN Tonight host Don Lemon and correspondent Abby Phillip to fawn over of Obama’s “confident,” “hopeful,” and “strong” remarks from “someone” they’ve been “longing and yearning for.”

Of course, there was only a small denunciation of the violence on American streets that, as NewsBusters has reiterated for over a week, have been disingenuous and mealy-mouthed.

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