CNN Pushes Conspiracy Conservatives to Blame for Hill Resignation

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 24, 2019
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As part of their crusade for “truth” in the age of Trump, the liberal media have made it part of their mission to prop up any conspiracy theory the Democratic Party pitches them, such as NBC’s debate moderators allowing their candidates to assert Stacey Abrams was the governor of Georgia. On Sunday’s no-so “Reliable Sources,” CNN host Brian Stelter helped to defend disgraced former Congresswoman Katie Hill by lying about why she had to resign from office at the end of last month.

“Well, former California Congresswoman Katie Hill is remaining very visible and she’s speaking out against what she calls right-wing media smears. Hill resigned at the end of October after admitting she had an inappropriate relationship with a campaign staffer before coming into office,” he claimed.

It was just another excuse for him to attack “right-wing media.” “The story came to light after a Conservative blog called RedState release intimate photos of Hill with an unnamed female campaign staffer and made other allegations against her. Then, The Daily Mail piled on with other photos as well,” he whined.

He intentionally omitted a key fact from his crash course summary of the events. One of the “other allegations made against her” was that she was sleeping with one of her congressional staffers, which was against House ethics rules. In response to those allegations, the House Ethics Committee launched an investigation and up until that point, Hill had shown she had every intention to stay in Congress. And since she resigned her seat, the investigation was closed with no answers.


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