CNN Pushes the 14th Amendment as an Option to Bypass Congress

Cassandra DeVries | May 26, 2023
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In an interview with Senator Bernie Sanders on his eponymous show Thursday night, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper encouraged Sanders to expound on his belief that President Biden should invoke the 14th Amendment to bypass Congress in the debt ceiling negotiation. Despite the questionable constitutionality of such a proposal and Biden's rejection of it as an option, CNN continued to promote the 14th Amendment as a possible solution.

Cooper invited Sanders to explain the practicalities of invoking the 14th Amendment. Sander responded:

“Well, I think if the Republicans are prepared to hold the entire world economy hostage and say, ‘Hey, Mr. President, you've got no alternative but to make massive cuts in programs for the vulnerable, but we have no alternative.’ Well, the President does have an alternative. As you've indicated, the 14th Amendment is pretty clear. The validity of paying off our national debt is not questioned. That's the 14th amendment. I think he should invoke it. What that would mean, in practical terms, I believe, it's never been done before, is that we would continue to pay our bills.”