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On CNN, Pro-Life Journo Exposes How Media Mislead on Pro-Life Issues


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It’s something you maybe never thought you would see on CNN, but during Sunday’s Reliable Sources, host Brian Stelter invited on Catherine Hadro, host of “Pro-Life Weekly” on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN), to discuss how pro-life issues were covered in the media. And she used her time to expose how the liberal media makes false claims about pro-life laws and used labels to portray pro-lifers negatively.

After first establishing the difference between Catholic news outlets like Hadro’s and larger conservative outlets like Fox News, Stelter wanted to know what she thought the media was leaving out of their coverage of pro-life legislation.

Hadro first noted that she planned to have a woman on her show who was conceived after her mother was raped. Arguing: “I have not been seeing a lot of coverage any voices like hers, so we will be bringing those kind of voices onto EWTN.


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