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CNN Panel Swoons for Comey’s ‘Extraordinary’ Smears of The President


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Mere seconds after ABC wrapped up the broadcast of their exclusive interview with former FBI Director James Comey, CNN began its so-called “Special Report” in which they mostly gushed about what it meant for him to trash Trump like that. While they did have some criticisms, which largely centered on his handling of the Clinton investigation, the stacked liberal panel sang Comey’s praises for speaking out against the President.

Just moments ago, we heard fire FBI Director James Comey unleash on President Trump, calling him ‘morally unfit to be president,’ ‘a stain on the people who work for him’ and a ‘liar’ who treats women like pieces of meat. Really, just a jarring critique of a sitting president,” former Obama administration official turned CNN host Jim Sciutto hyped at the top of the show.

Sciutto was immediately followed up by co-host Pamela Brown, who marveled at Comey’s claims that Trump may have obstructed justice and was compromised by the Russians:

And in Comey’s first TV interview since he was fired, he says there is, quote, “some evidence of obstruction of justice” by the president when Mr. Trump asked him to let go of his investigation of former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. And he suggestions it's possible that Mr. Trump has been compromised by the Russians.


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