CNN Panel Grill Castro on ‘Open Borders’: You're ‘Freaking Everybody Out’

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 1, 2019
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One of the great things about the Democratic primary debates, so far, was how they so clearly exposed the radical nature of today’s Democratic Party. That fact wasn’t lost on CNN following their second debate on Wednesday as they grilled former HUD Secretary Julian Castro; urging him to find another way to campaign on immigration and not call for “decriminalizing” illegal border crossings, a.k.a. “open borders”.

CNN’s struggle with Castro was perfectly encapsulated in the back and forth between the candidate and CNN commentator Van Jones, who urged for another solution because the current proposal was “freaking everybody out”:

Listen, man. Nobody’s heart is more broken watching the kids being abused and mistreated than me or you or anybody else here. It disgusts everybody. It disgusts the whole world. But isn't there some other way to deal with that than saying decriminalize the borer? Because the thing is it seems like, to me, you're trying to solve one problem which everybody cares about. But then you’re creating this other political problem which is freaking everybody out.

“I mean, is there some other answer, man? Cause, your answer has got the right motivation to try to protect those kids. But it seems like it’s causing political problems,” Jones whined.


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