CNN Panel Freaks Out Over Trump Asking First and Second Lady to Make Salads

Ryan Foley | January 15, 2019
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During Monday's edition of Erin Burnett OutFront, the eponymous guest and one of her guests, Joan Walsh, freaked out over light-hearted comments made by President Trump at an event for the Clemson Tigers at the White House Monday. Addressing the winners of the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship, President Trump asked "do we have no food for you because we have a shutdown, or do we give you some quick little salads that the First Lady will make...along with the Second Lady, they'll make some salads?" Walsh described President Trump's "salad" comment as "appalling," adding "It seems to me like the President will not be happy until there is not one single female Republican voter in the country. It's incredibly sexist."  She then used President Trump's reference to the "Second Lady" as an excuse to go after Ivanka Trump, before Burnett reminded her that the term "Second Lady" refers to the wife of the Vice President, Karen Pence, not Ivanka. Walsh apologized for her mistake before saying "she shouldn't be doing it either."  According to Burnett, "this is one of those things where sometimes what people say when they're being funny exposes who they are and what they think. Not that there was any question."  CNN Political Commentator Scott Jennings disagreed with the ladies' analysis, causing a flabbergasted Burnett to ask "how in the world can you not perceive that as sexist, to say the assumption that his wife is going to go make salads for a bunch of football players?  What is she, like, the cook?"  Jennings then made a statement that nearly everyone in America probably agrees with: "I think you might be over-reading this one."  

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