CNN: ‘Obesely Immoral’ Trump Is a ‘Psychopath,’ Refused to Condemn Racists

Nicholas Fondacaro | September 30, 2020
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Mere moments after their colleagues cursed out Tuesday’s Presidential debate a “shit show” and suggested President Trump was actively trying to bring the country “down with him,” Anderson Cooper raged as he led the largely liberal panel in a hate fest against the President.

Addressing former Obama advisor David Axelrod, Cooper literally pounded his fist on the desk as he denounced Trump as “obesely immoral” with “not a moral fiber” in him:

David Axelrod, I mean, I don't think we have seen a president of the United States completely lacking in shame. I mean, just shameless and obesely immoral. I mean, there's not a moral fiber in this man. I don't know what came out of the debate. I don't know what side won. I don't know what voters want. But you cannot have watched that debate -- I would think, and be proud of our President. [Pounds hand on desk] The way he thinks of us as viewers as Americans who are trying to decide about the future of the country. Can anybody come away from that debate knowing what Donald Trump wants for the next four years?

“Does any of this surprise you, Anderson,” Axelrod responded. He went on to say that Trump had gone “way overboard” and “may have ended his presidency tonight with his performance."


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