CNN: Obama’s ‘History-Shaking Speech’ Declared ‘National Emergency’

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 20, 2020
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Not long after CNN’s initial analysis of night three of the Democratic National Convention declared former President Barack Obama’s address “the most powerful address he ever gave,” a follow group of the Zuckerville collective somehow managed to ratchet up the glowing rhetoric Wednesday night.

Taking over as the main host, Anderson Cooper was enthralled by what he heard and suggested it was more than just mere historic. “[A] history-making speech from Kamala Harris and really a history-shaking speech by President Obama, just an extraordinary speech,” he gushed.

Seemingly aiming to be more ridiculous than her host, chief political analyst Gloria Borger compared the former Democratic President to Martin Luther King Jr. “You know, Anderson, and just watching this unfold tonight, I have to say that watching Barack Obama, this was not a convention speech, this was sort of the new definition of the ‘fierce urgency of now,’” she said, referring to King’s March on Washington address.

She took things to an even greater extreme by declaring that Obama was calling on the American people to “save democracy” from the “national emergency” that was Donald Trump’s presidency. Borger also spouted off with a litany of adjectives; calling the speech “intimate,” “chilling,” and “on a higher plane” of existence.


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