On CNN, Newsweek Editor BLASTS Media Elites for Weaponizing 'Wokeness' Part 2

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 7, 2021
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Things hit a little close to home for Stelter when Ungar-Sargon called out the liberal The New York Times (where he used to work) for using wokeness to shut down any and all debate. She even joked they’re “the former paper of record”:

UNGAR-SARGON And what we really saw in The New York Times is again and again personnel decisions being made to suit the very, very woke pressures of online mobs that were oftentimes created by their own employees. So –

STELTER (interrupts): So liberal -- younger, liberal employees pressuring management to take certain actions, right, is that what that means?

So, it's not that some people want to have their say, it's that they literally have imported these highly, highly specialized radical academic ideas. And if you don't hew to these very radical, specific, elite ideas, you get thrown out essentially. We're not talking about debate here, but the silencing of debate,” she declared.

This was exactly the account former Times editor Bari Weiss attested to in her resignation later last year.


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