CNN, NBC Press Biden Admin Officials on Giving Taliban a 'Kill List' of Names

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 29, 2021
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Late last week, Politico put out a disturbing report that the Biden administration – desperate to play nice with murderous terrorists – handed over what a Pentagon official called a “kill list” of American and Afghan allies’ names to the Taliban. Obviously, Americans were outraged and CNN anchor Jake Tapper and NBC political director Chuck Todd grilled National Security advisor Jake Sullivan and Secretary of State Antony Blinken during their respective Sunday shows, State of the Union and Meet the Press.

There was some Jake-on-Jake fighting as Tapper came out swinging when he broached the subject with Sullivan early in his program. “I understand the U.S. has relied upon the Taliban for this evacuation process. But with all due respect, a lot of these Afghan SIVs – you know better than I – they think the Taliban is going to kill them and you've given them a list of their names,” he chided.

“Jake, we've aggressively, decisively disputed that report. We have given no list of all the American SIV holders to the Taliban or any other kind of big list,” Sullivan shot back.

Notice how he said they didn’t turn over a “big list.” The crux of his argument was that they allegedly didn’t hand over every name all at once or in large batches.


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