On CNN and MSNBC, Former Obama Flacks Suffer Weapons-Grade Meltdowns Over N.K. Move


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Meanwhile, the former Obama officials were beside themselves. While not a direct Obama official, CNN’s Phil Mudd couldn’t help but take a swing at Trump, telling Burnett to “count me as a skeptic” and downplayed the North Korean concessions.

Former Kerry State Department spokesman and CNN diplomatic/military analyst John Kirby sought to place almost all the credit on the South Koreans, emphasizing that “it's not about President Trump, it's about Moon Jae-in.”

Speaking of Kim Jong-un, Kirby tamped down expectations since Kim “has more credibility at negotiating table now because he has more capable militarily and he’s not going to give that up anytime soon and so he knows he’s going into this with a bit of an upper hand.”

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