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CNN, MSNBC Hype Likelihood ‘Subdued’ Spicer Briefing Means McCarthy Is Affecting His Psyche


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<p>CNN and MSNBC each did their parts on Tuesday afternoon to advance the narrative that <em>Saturday Night Live </em>has claimed White House press secretary Sean Spicer&rsquo;s scalp as their own, hyping that Tuesday&rsquo;s press briefing showed how Melissa McCarthy&rsquo;s impersonation has harmed him.</p>

<p>CNN&rsquo;s chief political analyst Gloria Borger admitted minutes after the briefing that<strong> &ldquo;it was a little more subdued&rdquo; </strong>and<strong> &ldquo;[h]e seemed a little bit &mdash; very clear that the McCarthy improvisation on Saturday Night Live really affected Sean and I think he was trying to kind tone it down today to a great deal.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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