On CNN, Matt Lewis Slams 'Liberal Media Bias' and Bias of Omission

Ryan Foley | December 17, 2018
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During Sunday's edition of Reliable Sources, guest Matt Lewis, a center-right commentator who more often than not criticizes Trump, pointed out that "liberal media bias...has the unfortunate effect of actually proving Donald Trump right" while slamming President Trump for trying to cast the media as "enemies of the people." Lewis informed his fellow panelists that "we sometimes help him along...by biasing...it's not necessarily bias within the story. It's what types of stories we are talking about," effectively and correctly accusing the media of practicing bias by omission. He admitted that it was important to cover the Mueller investigation but argued that the media could benefit from covering other stories, such as "the good economy" and "ISIS on the run." Guest Joan Walsh strongly disagreed with Lewis's analysis, arguing "I just don't think that there's a way to balance this and say, well, here's the good news, but the bad news is our President might be a complete and total corrupt man."

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