CNN Looks Forward to Possibility of Jackson Changing Minds on Abortion

Alex Christy | March 23, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Poppy Harlow welcomed New York magazine senior correspondent and Notorious RBG co-author Irin Carmon to the Wednesday edition of CNN Newsroom to discuss their hopes that Ketanji Brown Jackson will eventually be able to change the minds of her eventual Supreme Court colleagues on issues of gender discrimination, mainly abortion.

Consigned to the realization that Jackson will not change the ideological makeup of the Court, Harlow searched for a silver lining, “I know she won't change the balance of the Court, 6-3, but I wonder if you agree with Linda Greenhouse of the New York Times who wrote earlier this month, that maybe she won’t ‘change the Court, but she may very well change the conversation and that’s a start’ and she talks about how former Justice Thurgood Marshall, in her opinion, was able to influence former Justice Sandra Day O'Connor during their time on the bench together and I wonder if you think, perhaps, over time, Justice Jackson might do the same?”

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