CNN Leans on Dubious Gun Stats to Blame Makers for All Gun Deaths

Nicholas Fondacaro | March 14, 2023
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With President Biden announcing new executive orders on guns Tuesday, CNN Newsroom invited Jennifer Mascia, senior writer for The Trace (an anti-gun rights publication), to share her dubious study. According to Mascia, a CNN contributor, gun manufacturers were directly in control of gun deaths in America as she suggested “when gunmakers ramped up production, gun deaths rose.” Of course, CNN gushed for this purported evidence to back their anti-gun rights agenda.

CNN’s Erica Hill boasted that Mascia had dug through ATF data to find the supposed number of guns in the U.S. “465 million guns have been produced in the last 125 years for the American market. And it's mostly – the vast majority are handguns. Whereas, you know, 30 years ago our gun culture was very much hunting and recreation. Now, it's concealable handguns for self-defense,” Mascia said.

What CNN hid from viewers was the fact that that number didn’t take into account the amount of firearms that were no longer in circulation for various reasons. Mascia did note that in her report but didn’t mention it on the air (by one estimate she noted, it was roughly 352 million).

But this wasn’t a big brain discovery. If you tally up the total number of cars made every year since the Model T and didn’t exclude those no longer in use and discarded, of course, the number would just grow exponentially. OMG, there are 1,000,000,000 cars on the road, no wonder your commute is so bad! (Not a real statistic).

Next came Mascia’s outrageous accusation that gun makers were driving gun deaths.


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