CNN Laughs, Accuses Sen. Tim Scott of Tokenism, an Uncle Tom for GOP

Nicholas Fondacaro | April 29, 2021
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Casual racism was the disgusting tone CNN decided to go with following South Carolina Senator Tim Scott’s delivery of the Republican response to President Biden’s address to Congress Wednesday night. Together, chief political correspondent Dana Bash and senior political correspondent Abby Phillip cackled as they attacked Scott as a liar for defending Republican election integrity efforts and dispelling the false notion they were worse than Jim Crow.

As Bash was getting into her reaction to Scott’s rebuttal, she started to give a wink and nudge to Scott’s supposed status as a token black by noting his “brand” and “unique voice in the Republican Party.”

She went on to essentially suggest Scott was being an Uncle Tom for defending something that was allegedly “worse than Jim Crow”:

He's the only black Republican in the United States Senate and talking about the Democrats attacking these voting restrictions that are being passed across the country and these states as Jim Crow – worse than Jim Crow and fighting back against that kind of rhetoric; was interesting but it’s actually – it’s not necessarily true.

Bash and Phillip cackled in unison while declaring: “It’s not true.”