CNN Hypes Catholic Schools 'Trying to Force Teachers' to Sign 'Morality Clause on Steroids'

Matthew Balan | June 2, 2014
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[More in the cross-post on the MRC's NewsBusters blog.]

On Sunday's CNN Newsroom, Susan Candiotti slanted toward the liberal opponents of the Catholic Archdiocese of Cincinnati's updated morality clause for its schoolteachers. Candiotti played up how the "new contract now has a litany of thou-shall-nots, including no sex outside marriage; no in-vitro fertilization; no remarriage without an annulment; no homosexual 'lifestyle;' and no public support of any of those."

The correspondent sympathized with the plight of one teacher who is "walking away from her dream job after 14 years," due to the archdiocese's "morality clause on steroids," which reemphasizes the Catholic Church's teachings on sex:

SUSAN CANDIOTTI: Molly Shumate loves teaching first graders at the same Cincinnati-area Catholic school where she and her two sons attended....But a newly-revised morality clause in next year's contract, covering 2,200 teacher in Greater Cincinnati, is throwing teachers for a loop....For Shumate, that homosexual ban is a slap in the face. Her son Zach is gay.

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