CNN Hosts, Guests Complain That Republicans Won't "Do The Right Thing" And Support Yet Another Debt Ceiling Increase

Lydia Switzer | September 17, 2021
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You can read the full article on our blog here.

The deadline is fast approaching for Congress to approve raising the debt ceiling, and the liberal media is astonished that Republicans will not simply go along with it. The increase, which needs Republican support to pass, is one requirement for the passage of the Biden administration’s exorbitant $3.5 trillion budget plan. Without increasing the debt ceiling, the US government cannot go into further (massive) debt.

On CNN Newsroom on Thursday afternoon, the anchors and guests agreed the Republicans’ lack of support for the Democrats’ excessive spending “could cause…irreparable damage to both the domestic economy but also the international economy.” In short, if Republicans don’t submit to the Democrats’ demands, the Republicans are somehow to blame for the consequences.


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