CNN Host Disparages Titanic Explorers for Their Wealth Acquisition

Cassandra DeVries | June 23, 2023
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On Friday, CNN This Morning described the deceased members of the OceanGate Titanic submersible tour as risk junkies who willingly took on danger for exclusive experiences too expensive for the average person. Chief business correspondent Christine Romans considered their wealth and adventurousness overindulgent and twisted their lifestyle to suggest that they earned their money by flouting rules and possibly even the law.

Instead of mourning the men who died while attempting to view the Titanic and sympathizing with those who knew them, Romans hyper-focused on their wealth.

“It's a really big market for a small group of super-rich people. And these are people who have made their money by not following the rules, by maybe breaking  -- breaking rules, by taking a lot of risks,” Romans said, describing the expedition. “In fact, that's why they do it, because it is a risk. And it is such a thrill to be able to do these things that most mere mortals can never touch.”