CNN Highlights Daunte Wright Family Dispute Over Money Raised

bradwilmouth | October 29, 2022
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CNN's New Day

October 4, 2022

8:57 a.m. Eastern

BRIANNA KEILAR: This morning, the mother of Daunte Wright's son is suing her former attorney, Ben Crump, along with Daunte's parents over GoFundMe money. Wright was shot and killed by a Minnesota police officer during a traffic stop in April of 2021. The mother of his child is now filing suit, claiming she hasn't received any of the more than $1 million raised following his death. CNN correspondent Omar Jimenez is with him now. Omar, what have you learned?

OMAR JIMENEZ: Yes, Brianna, so this is being filed by the biological mother of Daunte Wright's son, Daunte Jr. She says she's the sole person who's taking care of this child, according to the lawsuit. And it's being filed against Daunte Wright's parents and Ben Crump, who's represented the family. Now, part of the lawsuit reads that, of the $1,039,260 raised through GoFundMe and managed by Crump's law firm, not one single penny has been turned over to the plaintiff for the benefit of Daunte Jr. And despite her claiming in this lawsuit that she was promised upfront any GoFundMe proceeds would be split 50/50 between Wright's family and Daunte Jr. to make sure he's being taken care of.

JOHN BERMAN: Omar, how has Ben Crump responded to this lawsuit?

JIMENEZ: Well, basically, John, at this point, Ben Crump is saying that this "has nothing to do with me because I didn't manage any funds." And he sent me a statement that reads in part: "This is strictly a family dispute between the mother of Daunte Wright's child and Daunte's parents, who set up the GoFundMe account in question. Ben Crump Law did not benefit from any of the funds raised, and we did not accept any fee in this case. Our hearts are always with the family, and we pray that they can find resolution."

I've also reached out to Daunte Wright's parents -- his mother, in particular -- but I haven't gotten a response. They have 21 days to respond in court based on what has been filed. But, obviously, this is something that seems to be trying to be figured out at the family level but has now spilled over into the courts.

KEILAR: All right, Omar, we know you'll cover that. Thank you.