CNN Guest: Trump Scandal 'Probably Worse Than Watergate'

Ryan Foley | December 17, 2018
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During Sunday's edition of Reliable Sources, guest Will Bunch admitted that the developments in the Mueller probe over the past week did not really unearth any "bombshells," arguing that "the bombshell is the details that we already know."  According to Bunch, "the biggest electoral conspiracy in American history has already been laid out there." Bunch ultimately concluded that "We have all the proof we need of a scandal that's probably worse than Watergate."  Host Brian Stelter jumped back in and asked another guest, Joan Walsh, "are some in the press too timid about explaining where we are and how bad this picture already is?" Walsh claimed that "some have been too timid," before adding that she saw "a sea change in the last two weeks," with reporters and anchors getting "more comfortable saying these appear to be crimes."

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