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CNN Guest Repeats Discredited Claim GOP Rep Scalise Spoke to KKK


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Appearing as a guest on Sunday&#39;s<em> CNN Newsroom with Fredricka Whitfield</em> to discuss Donald Trump declining to condemn former KKK leader David Duke in a CNN appearance earlier in the day, Jason Johnson of not only repeated a discredited claim that Louisiana Republican Rep. Steve Scalise spoke to a white supremacist group in Louisiana in 2002, but he even gave the impression that Scalise spoke to the KKK &quot;a couple of months ago.&quot; Johnson: &quot;First of all, Fredricka, they can&#39;t be disingenuous. Steve Scalise was speaking to the Klan -- we were just talking about that a couple of months ago. So it&#39;s not like the Republican party hasn&#39;t played footsy under the table with white supremacist groups.&quot;<br />
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CNN host Fredricka Whitfield not only did not correct him, but actually nodded her head as he made the claim.</p>

<p>See more in the <a href="… post</a> at NewsBusters.</p>

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