CNN: GOP Just Un-American Whores Putting a Bullet in the Country

Nicholas Fondacaro | November 3, 2020
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CNN’s hatred for President Trump and Republicans was boiling over on the eve of Election Day. Their animus was perfectly summed up during a Monday segment of Cuomo PrimeTime which featured New York Times columnist, the insufferably pompous Tom Friedman. According to the duo, the Republicans were just a bunch of “manure” eating racists and whores trying to stir up a Lebanese-style civil war while trying to suppress votes, while President Trump was trying to “put a bullet into the country.”

Nothing about that description is an exaggeration. With just hours until polls opened, they were throwing everything they had at the all. But, at least, Friedman didn’t see the GOP as “enemies.”

Given what would unfold just moments later, Chris “Fredo” Cuomo’s introduction of Friedman was made all the more ludicrous. “Few people are more respected for how they think and how they communicate than our next guest. And he says something pretty scary. That this could be the last week of America as we know it,” he proclaimed.

Given the opportunity to expand on that hyperbolic analysis of the coming days and weeks, Friedman proved himself to be the conductor of the crazy train as he predicted there would be no peaceful transfer of power.


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