CNN Gives Platform to 'Totally Biased' Comedian to Bash Romney

Matt Vespa | October 15, 2012
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Great timing by CNN to deliver a nice jab to Romney and words of adoration for Obama - from a left-wing comedian- on the eve of tomorrow’s presidential debate.


W. KAMAU BELL: I'm a lefty. I thought that Joe Biden thing was awesome. It's great to make fun of Joe Biden. Joe Biden is perfect. He has two speeds, zero and 1,000. I think that's what great for political comedy when you get to see Joe Biden mix it up.

RICHARD SOCARIDES: What's funny now about Mitt Romney and Barack Obama? What are the funniest things about them?

BELL: I mean, the funny thing about Mitt Romney is he's in this position where basically they're telling him to act like a human. I think it's great to see him be in this position where he's trying to connect with the everyday person. You guys were talking about the super rich.

He really doesn't see everyday people probably that often. It's great to see him out there mixing it up with everyday people trying to act human. It's great to see Barack have to choose, which Barack he wants to be.


BELL: Barack's like a Swiss army knife. There's rock star Barack. There's Professor Barack. There's singing Barack. There's sexy Barack. There's a lot of different Baracks you can choose from. At the debate last week he picked annoyed Barack.

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