CNN Gets Wilmore to Admit His Show ‘Probably’ ‘Trends Left’; Views ‘Are Admittedly Liberal’


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<p>In a profile of White House Correspondents Dinner host Larry Wilmore, CNN&rsquo;s <em>At This Hour</em> co-host John Berman openly admitted (unlike <em>CBS This Morning</em>) on Thursday to Wilmore&rsquo;s agreement that <em>The Nightly Show</em> is <strong>&ldquo;admittedly liberal&rdquo;</strong> and<strong> &ldquo;trends left&rdquo;</strong> toward <strong>&ldquo;more pro-Democratic policies and politicians.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Berman offered nothing but fawning praise for Wilmore in seeing no issue with the show being overwhelmingly liberal, its host serving as a huge Obama supporter, and hailed by<em> The New York Times </em>as <strong>&ldquo;less preoccupied with humor than anyone else who&rsquo;s ever occupied a mock news chair.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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