CNN Frets McConnell Is Too Old for Senate, But Biden Is the Same Age

Ana Schau | July 27, 2023
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Thursday morning, after Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) had an unfortunate incident where he was unable to speak for a few moments at a press event, CNN News Central featured a segment where they fretted about McConnell’s age despite him being as old as President Biden. They discussed this incident as it could have been related to several of McConnell’s past signs of aging, such as falls, pointing out these signs in a man the same age as Biden, whose aging CNN had always avoided talking about.

Anchor John Berman broached the topic by describing the events of the evening before, adding that CNN had learned since the events that McConnell had “fallen multiple times this year, more times than we knew about,” and asking chief Congressional correspondent Manu Raju for more information on this new reporting.