CNN on Fox: 'The Problem With All of This Is We Have Free Speech'

Alex Christy | July 22, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On Thursday's CNN Newsroom, Carl Cameron and host Alisyn Camerota, both a couple of former Fox News personalities, questioned the motives of their former employer's vaccine advocacy, while Cameron was so disgusted with Fox and conservative media's vaccine coverage that he declared, "The problem with all of this is we have free speech and it doesn't entirely include lying."

Camerota noted that while some Fox hosts have stepped up vaccine advocacy, "Obviously not all the hosts feel that way." After naming Tucker Carlson as one such example, she wondered if it was strictly a business decision, "do you think in part they just did the math and realized some of the people most at risk are some of their own viewers in some of the reddest states are also the least vaccinated?"

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