CNN Feigns Ignorance Why Swalwell Shouldn’t Be on Intel Committee

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 18, 2023
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Not long after Speaker McCarthy warned on Tuesday that he received a classified intelligence briefing from the FBI about Congressman Eric Swalwell (D-CA) that concerned him enough to pull his Intelligence Committee assignment, some of CNN’s purported journalists on The Lead – including host Jake Tapper –pretended not to know why the compromised Congressman shouldn’t be allowed to serve on the committee. Essentially, gaslighting their viewers.

In December 2020, Axios reported that Swalwell’s campaign was infiltrated by a Chinese spy that went by the name Fang Fang. They noted that Fang installed an intern in Swalwell’s office and had sexual relationships “with at least two mayors of Midwestern cities.” Swalwell has never been properly, publically grilled on if his relationship with Fang was also sexual.

Ignoring these facts, Tapper scoffed at McCarthy’s warning and claimed he had “no idea” if he should believe the Speaker or not.


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