CNN Features Charles Barkley to Rant About 'Religious Nuts'

Scott Whitlock | April 3, 2015
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[See NewsBusters for more.] CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has aggressively attacked those who support Indiana's religious freedom law and on Thursday night he brought on Charles Barkley to slime Christians as "religious nuts." The former NBA player, who is from Alabama originally, sneered, "All these rednecks hide behind the Bible. That's what they do. That's one of the reason the south is behind in everything. They always hide behind the Bible. It's strictly about discrimination."  Complaining about the lack of gay people invited to discuss the Indiana law, Barkley lamented, "We got some of these religious nut jobs" speaking out. Cuomo did not interrupt or challenge the sport star's hateful attack on the "nut jobs." Instead, the anchor asserted that his show had featured plenty of gays.

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