CNN: Fear Gun Rights Advocates Who ‘Show Up with Their Weapons’


<p>Minutes after the press conferences, from local law enforcement and the White House, about the Baton Rouge police ambush and calling for the end of divisive language CNN&rsquo;s Michael Smerconish smeared gun rights advocates on <em>The Situation Room</em>. &ldquo;<strong>As you know and have been discussing, it&#39;s an open carry environment,</strong>&rdquo; the pundit started Sunday, &ldquo;<strong>And I&#39;m concerned about the Trump rhetoric in firing up individuals who would be inclined to show up with their weapons as some second amendment solidarity movement.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>The segment started with Host Wolf Blitzer painting the Republican National Convention in the context of tragic world events:</p>

<p>This convention here this week takes place just in the immediate aftermath not only after this horrific shooting in Baton Rouge, but what we saw in Nice, France. A horrible terror attack, 84 people killed. A coup in a NATO ally in Europe Turkey.</p>

<p>From there Smerconish trashed gun rights advocates with his fear mongering about Donald Trump&rsquo;s rhetoric. The ironic part is that immediately after casting aspersions on them Smerconish exclaimed, &ldquo;<strong>It&#39;s a time for lessening the emotions and taking it down a notch, in my opinion.</strong>&rdquo; But he wasn&rsquo;t the only one.</p>

<p>CNN&rsquo;s Dana Bash seemed to want to stoke people&rsquo;s fears as well. She noted that the police officers&rsquo; union had begged Governor John Kasich to suspend Ohioans&rsquo; right to open carry in the event area in Cleveland. Bash seemed shocked that Kasich refused to do it. &ldquo;<strong>I just asked the governor&#39;s office for a statement, and the answer was, he&#39;s not constitutionally able to do that,</strong>&rdquo; she said, &ldquo;<strong>It just doesn&#39;t work like that. He just can&#39;t kind of wave a magic wand or use his pen to do that.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

<p>Bash concluded with a passive aggressive jab at Kasich saying, &ldquo;<strong>Hopefully their concerns are not going to be realized.</strong>&rdquo;</p>

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