CNN Fact-Checker Dings ‘Right-Wing’ for Misinformation Sparked By ABC

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 12, 2022
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On Wednesday’s CNN Newsroom, purported CNN “fact-checker” Daniel Dale was a little irked by some naughty “right-wing commentators” and “people on the right” for spreading misinformation around the internet about COVID-19 deaths and comorbidities. But the kicker is that the misinformation originally started with a piece of video poorly edited and aired by ABC News during last Friday’s Good Morning America.

ABC news cut out 22 seconds of comments, cut them out of the comments made by CDC chief Dr. Rochelle Walensky about the role of comorbidities in COVID-19 deaths,” announced co-host Victor Blackwell at the top of the segment. “Turns out though, those were crucially important seconds in terms of context.


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