CNN Downplays Boycott Dethroning ‘King of Beers’ Bud Light with Modelo

Ana Schau | June 16, 2023
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CNN chief business correspondent Christine Romans appeared on Wednesday Morning’s CNN News Central with anchor John Berman to attempt to explain Modelo’s takeover as the most popular beer company in America, a title which had previously been held by Bud Light. Romans tried to pin the cause for this as being primarily “flat-out changing tastes” and “clever advertising” on Modelo’s part, rather than unified rejection their sponsorship of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Romans began by detailing the exact percentages of sales of both Modelo and Bud Light in this past month, with 8.4 percent of beer sales in America being from Modelo, and only 7.3 percent from Bud Light. She went on to explain how the “clever advertising promotion campaign” from Modelo, and the influence of Cinco de Mayo (a Mexican holiday) being in May, caused the increase in sales from this Mexican beer company.