CNN Doc. Claims Court Is Hypocritical on Vax Mandate

Alex Christy | January 14, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] Dr. Jonathan Reiner of George Washington University joined CNN Newsroom on Friday to react to the Supreme Court striking down President Biden's vaccine mandate for large businesses. Reiner called the decision "shameful," and accused the Court of hypocrisy, but in reality he just showed he does not know how broad mandates work.

Guest host Bianna Golodryga began by prefacing that Reiner is not a legal analyst, "but you are a health expert and from that perspective, I'd love to get your reaction to what we heard from the Supreme Court yesterday, blocking the Administration's mandate for businesses, large businesses to impose vaccines and testing but allowing them for some hospitals that provide Medicare and Medicaid help. I'm curious, did that ruling make sense from your perspective and what's your take on it?"

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