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On CNN, Dershowitz Blames 'Racist Society' For Police Misconduct


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<p>On the 22 July 2015 edition of <i>CNN Tonight</i>, Alan Dershowitz blamed police misconduct on societal racism. Dershowitz noted that he tells his students &quot;particularly the African-American students: you have rights...Do not exercise them when you&#39;re arrested by a police officer.&quot; When Don Lemon asked him why he gives such advice, the Harvard Law professor replied, &quot;Because they get into so much trouble if they don&#39;t do it. We live in a racist society, in which police officers often engage in this kind of conduct when you&#39;re contemptuous. And when you&#39;re a black person and you&#39;re contemptuous, it&#39;s even worse.&quot;</p>

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