CNN: Dem Convention ‘Very Emotional,’ Jill’s Voice ‘Music to My Ears’

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 19, 2020
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Night two of the Democratic National Convention was yet another snooze fest that CNN let dominate their prime time line up. Following the conclusion with a musical performance by John Legend, the Zuckerville collective immediately took to praising it as “very emotional,” with one swooning for Jill Biden’s accent, and another appearing to defend how boring it was as a metaphor for how the country would be under a President Joe Biden.

“Truly beautiful performance by John Legend. And a very, very emotional evening across the board,” host Wolf Blitzer touted after the Democratic Party gave them back their broadcast. “I was very moved by the video – the John McCain video, underscoring the friendship that he had with Joe Biden and was moved by the personal story of Jill Biden and Joe Biden. Her words were very powerful.”

Shoddy liberal hack Jake Tapper was up first and he swooned for his preferred first lady. “Her speech was remarkable too in the sense that it really was just an affirmative case for her husband,” he boasted.


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