CNN Defends Warnock’s Sermons, Ignored Abusive Kids Camp He Ran

Nicholas Fondacaro | December 28, 2020
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Even with new reporting from The Washington Free Beacon out Monday that detailed how, in 2002, a then 12-year-old boy was abused at a church camp overseen by Raphael Warnock, currently the Democratic candidate for Senate in Georgia, CNN’s Erin Burnett OutFront continued to be a staunch defender. Instead of reporting on the account of abuse victim Anthony Washington, senior national correspondent Kyung Lah defended Warnock’s radical sermons from Republican “attacks.”

Throughout the 2020 election cycle, numerous videos had surfaced of Warnock preaching radical leftist ideology from his pulpit. And as the National Review published in mid-November, it was very off the wall stuff. Warnock accused Israel of being like “apartheid South Africa,” described Israelis as “birds of prey” in a letter, and gave a speech praising Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s “God damn America” sermon.

But according to Lah, “Reverend Warnoch’s pro-choice stance and his words from the pulpit, often taken out of context, have been the target of the fiercest Republican attacks.”

Of course, this came after Lah features another black pastor lashing out at pro-life evangelicals. “Right now we are challenging our so-called evangelical brothers and sisters. We challenging them to be better. We challenging them to hide something called pro-life.,” Reverend Vandy C. Simmons said in a soundbite.

Yet, while Lah was defending Warnock preaching leftist radicalism, she and CNN turned a blind eye to his connection to a camp that abused children for years.


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