CNN Decries 'Putin-esque' 'Book Burning,' Suggests Florida Is Cancelling Math

Alex Christy | April 19, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On his Monday show on CNN, Don Lemon suggested that Florida is trying to cancel math with its new anti-Critical Race Theory Law while Bakari Sellers suggested that these types of laws are “Putin-esque” and tantamount to book burning.

Lemon led Sellers by imply that the idea that CRT is in math is insulting, “I was just, like, glancing down at some of these numbers, because you mentioned Florida, Bakari. In Florida, the Department of Education’s rejected more than 50 math textbooks for next year, 71% in grades K5, some of them allege references to Critical Race Theory. Okay, Bakari, Critical Race Theory is not part of the curriculum, and the idea that it—it-- is in the math textbooks, I mean seriously?”

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