CNN Debate Moderator Worries Dems May Suffer From GOP 'Baseless' Attacks On DOJ

Alex Christy | June 5, 2024
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Inside Politics host and upcoming CNN presidential debate moderator Dana Bash worried on Wednesday that “baseless claims” against the Department of Justice by Republicans could hurt Democrats from President Joe Biden on down.

Following a report from Congressional correspondent Lauren Fox where Fox argued that claims of DOJ weaponization against Donald Trump are false because of ongoing cases Sen. Robert Menendez and Rep. Henry Cuellar, Bash turned to Washington Post Live anchor Leigh Ann Caldwell and asked, “Leigh Ann, is it your sense that Democrats who are on the front line, which is when it comes to getting majority back, whether they believe that these attacks on DOJ, these claims, baseless claims that the DOJ is behind, for example, what happened in New York is potent enough to hurt not just President Biden, but down-ballot.”

CNN thinks Justice Samuel Alito’s wife flying Revolution-era flags outside their home means the Supreme Court is facing a legitimacy crisis, but the number three official in the Biden DOJ leaving to prosecute Trump is something that is not even worth discussing. Bash’s remarks also raise the prospect of her trying to have a Candy Crowley moment in a few weeks.

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