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CNN Claims Trump Gets All His Military Advice from Fox News


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Since President Trump took office, CNN has been trying to gaslight the country into believing that the President’s friendly relationship with some of the hosts on Fox News was somehow not a standard part of Washington D.C.’s revolving door (Obama hired at least 30 liberal media folks). Now, during Sunday’s so-called “Reliable Sources”, host and media janitor Brian Stelter took the feud with their better-rated rival further and suggested that the President got seemingly all of his military advice from Fox News.

Trump recently called off a planned military strike on Iran because it would have left 150 people dead. He had let it be known that he felt it would not have been a measured response to Iran’s aggression, since they had not killed anyone in their attacks. To that development, Stelter wondered: “So, where is President Trump getting his information, his advice?

Stelter’s answered his own question with an outdated soundbite from a Meet the Press interview Trump did with moderator Chuck Todd back in 2015:

CHUCK TODD: Who do you talk to for military advice, right now?

DONALD TRUMP: Well, I watch the shows. I mean, I really see a lot of great -- you know, when you watch your show and all the other shows and you have the generals and you have certain people –

‘The shows,’ he said. And of course, that was in 2015. Trump was just a candidate then. Now the President commands the armed forces but he is still listening to ‘the shows,’” Stelter declared.


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