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CNN to Carson: You ‘Tough’ Enough to Kill Thousands of Children?


<p>[See <a href="…; for more.] In a bizarre exchange, co-debate moderator Hugh Hewitt on Tuesday night pressed Ben Carson as to whether he was &ldquo;tough&rdquo; enough to kill thousands of children. Hewitt lectured, &ldquo; We&#39;re talking about ruthless things tonight. Carpet bombing, toughness, war. And people wonder, could you do that?&rdquo; The radio host and CNN contributor continued, &ldquo;Could you order air strikes that would kill innocent children by not the scores, but the hundreds and the thousands? Could you wage war as a commander in chief?&rdquo; After relating how, as a doctor, it&rsquo;s better to do the job efficiently and powerfully, Hewitt demanded, &ldquo;So you are okay with the deaths of thousands of innocent children and civilians?&rdquo;</p>

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